Why Being a Workaholic is Actually a Bad Thing

How can working all the time be a bad thing? There are varying levels of commitment when it comes to work, but one of the worst levels of commitment is being a workaholic. Many people know that being successful in business takes a lot of long hours, sometimes working on very little sleep, eating whenever the opportunity presents itself and making other daily sacrifices. But, overworking can cause a lot of issues for people, which is why being a workaholic is not a desirable trait in today’s workplace. Here are some reasons this is true:

Hazard to Your Health

One of the biggest reasons why being a workaholic is a bad thing is the fact that it can be a hazard to your health. Many workaholics tend to neglect their health in varying ways. Some do not get enough sleep each night. Others eat unhealthy food on a regular basis because they do not have time to sit down for a nice meal. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end can cause problems with vision and those who work overtime hours on a regular basis might have cardiovascular issues.

It Can Cause Attitude Issues

Even though many people think that the outcome of being a workaholic can lead to more happiness, this could not be further from the truth. Those who overwork themselves will tend to have attitude issues, might be miserable and no longer have fun at work—even if their job used to be fun in the past. Working constantly at a high level can force people to hate their jobs. One way to avoid this is to take advantage of paid-time-off available. Do not let paid vacation accrue or roll from one year to the next. Instead, take time each year so you stay fresh at work.

Loss of Productivity

Some people operate with the belief that if they work more, they will be able to produce more at the office. This is also not entirely true. Should you change your work schedule and try to balance it with your personal life, you will become happier, which can lead to a more productive effort at work. Employees who work too many hours will be frustrated while on the job, which can lead to slacking off and not accomplishing what is on their to-do list. This can all be avoided by creating a better balance between one’s work and personal life.

Learn How to Delegate

One of the best ways to avoid workaholic tendencies is learning how to delegate. Take a minute or two and look at your workload. What items can be delegated to others on your staff or to your assistant? Once you figure this out, you can delegate those items and create more time in your schedule for more important tasks or for some downtime to clear your mind.

Being a workaholic is not healthy, nor is it productive. It can cause physical ailments, stress and burnout. Avoid it as much as possible by looking for the signs outlined above.

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