7 Tips to Improve Each Page of Your Construction Website

Everyone is online, this makes your construction website the most lucrative advertising platform on the planet…if done right.

Just because you can “build a website,” and I put that in air quotes just like I could “build a deck,” doesn’t mean you should. Instead, you need to create a great construction website that will speak to people, not just search engines.

Consider the following tips when creating each page of your website:

  1. Make a page that screams “CLICK HERE!”
    You know the “Easy Button” from the Staples commercials? It’s basically a big red button that says “easy” on it. Having a clear call to action on each page is a huge part of your site’s ability to convert.

    After all, if you can’t direct a potential customer to what next steps to take, you can’t make a sale. Make your call to action easy by telling the reader what to do on each page of your website.

  2. Use the correct image
    A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure to choose the image you put on the page carefully. When you are looking for an image, you want it to be clear and easy to see.

    You also want it to be related to your product and convey a sense of satisfaction and joy. Think about food commercials; the food is designed to look better and more delicious on TV (in fact, it’s not even real food) and everyone eating the food looks happy.

  3. Balance your text and photos
    Unless you are a Fortune 500 company, you probably can’t just show people a picture of your logo and expect them to know what you are selling. So, you can’t just rely on images in order to make your page work; you need to add text as well.

    The problem is that most contractors find writing too difficult. But, if you can explain your product or service while using an image, you can convert at a better rate.

    In order to do both, strike a balance between text and images. Ideally, you want as little text as necessary to convey your message. Make sure your text is complete and grammatically correct, or you risk looking incompetent or uncaring.

  4. Use the right colors on your construction website
    Believe it or not, the color of your website matters. Psychiatric experiments have proven that different colors bring out different emotions (not to mention physical effects) in humans. So-called “hot colors” like red or orange tend to speed up the heart rate and increase the need for action (this is why a lot of the warning or danger signs we see are red or orange).

    Conversely, blue emphasizes trust and safety (which is why many political pictures or commercials are framed through a light blue filter).

  5. Branding

    If someone said fast food, what is the first thing you think of? Chances are it’s McDonald’s. As a matter of fact, you probably don’t even think of the name McDonald’s; you probably think of the “Golden Arches” on the logo.

    Heck, if you’re driving down the road and you see those arches, you may decide to stop and get some food without even thinking about it. This is the power of branding, and it is one of the best things your business can do to attract customers.

    You want to get to the point where people think of your brand when they think of your industry. In order to do this, you need to show off your brand whenever possible.

    Make sure that you feature your brand’s logo prominently both on your website and in your advertisements (although make sure that it doesn’t dominate the ad).

  6. Create pages with some white space
    Since most people are viewing websites on small devices, you want to convey as much information as possible. While this is a great idea, it can also lead to a “busy” website. This occurs when you add too much text or too many images and make the page unpleasant to look at.

    When this happens your customer will click away from your page quickly, before they notice your brand or product. Do yourself a favor and leave some white space on your pages. Don’t worry if white doesn’t fit in the theme; “white space” can be any color as long as it’s solid…and light-colored preferably.

    Think about the Apple logo you see on TV: it’s just the outline of an Apple on a blank white space, and it’s helped Apple become one of the most successful companies of all time.

  7. Provide a good experience on each landing page
    Once on your site, you need to link your potential customers to an appropriate area on your construction website to further the sale, that’s what a call to action does.

    Don’t make people search around on your website, give them explicit instructions that tell them what to do next.

Darren Slaughter is the founder and president of DarrenSlaughter.com, a digital agency focusing on website design, social media management, and content creation for home improvement contractors.