Four Ways to Establish a Leadership Style

Establishing a management, or leadership, style is not easy for every person in a management position. The reason for this is that some managers want to please all of the people who report to them while others do not care if their team members respect them or not. Here are four important factors in establishing a leadership style:

#1 – Be Passionate about your Job and Team

One of the most important tips to always display is being passionate. Passion is not only easily noticed, but it can rub off on the employees who report to you at work. You should be passionate in all the tasks you perform at work so others know how dedicated you are to the company and to what you are working on at the time. Think about this; would you look to a supervisor for guidance or leadership at your job if he or she did not seem passionate about their position? The answer more than likely is no.

#2 – Exhibit a Positive Attitude

Something else that goes along the lines of being passionate is to have a positive attitude each day. No matter what is going on at work involving your position or others around you, having a positive attitude will help keep the morale of the team high. Working with a positive attitude will rub off on your employees and it will make it easier on them to stay positive at work.

#3 – Motivating Employees

The more you motivate your employees, the more likely it is that they will work hard and stay positive on the job. They will be more responsive to your requests for work and with completing projects in a timely manner. Aside from being passionate about the job, you can reward your employees in an effort to motivate them. You do not always need to conduct motivational speeches to fire up the team. In fact, praise, rewards, and group recognition are all excellent ways to motivate your employees.

#4 – Listen to your Team and Utilize Strong Communication Skills

The final tip is actually two-fold; always listen to your team and have strong communication skills. Both of these are very important to building a leadership style. When your employees come to you for help with a project, a complaint about something at the office, or have a suggestion, you should listen intently and offer your thoughts. The next step in the listening process would be implementing the idea of the employee or resolving his or her issue.

The second part of this tip is having strong communication skills. Make sure that your employees hear from you or see you at least once per day, even if you are not in the office. Send out an email, have a conference call, or even video chat with your employees when necessary. Make it a point to always have your door open so your team knows how available and approachable you are.

By following the above tips, you can become a better manager with a superior work style this year.