How to Get Your Point Across Today

Let’s face it, this COVID thing has a lot of us facing challenges we didn’t even know existed. Thing is, you only have a few ways to attack them; do what you’ve always done, figure something else out, or ask for help. Who do you have in your contacts? How do you keep relationships alive? What can you do to make sure you have the best contact list in your industry?

Two ears and one mouth for a reason

When I say conversation, do your eyes roll in the back of your head and you think of drifting off back to sleep? I can hear you now, “Darren, I know how to give an elevator pitch” or “I know how to network, I do it all the time.”

Think about that: the word “network” instead of communication…or even better…listen.

Check this out

You’ve heard this old nugget, “No one likes to be sold, but people love to buy.”

Imagine realizing that people tend to buy, and buy a lot when they feel like they’ve been heard.

We function in a marketplace where people aren’t doing many face-to-face sales anymore. This is going to be the status quo for some time.

Conversations in a new world

My Mom was a huge oldies junkie back in the day, even before I was born she would have the oldies on. Having that great love of music introduced her to a lot of people from many different places with lots of stories to tell. Maybe that’s why I like to talk so much, or better yet, why it’s been the foundation to having a digital design shop dealing with people all over the world.

But now we all have to approach people differently, and some of you may not be so comfortable. How are you going to handle this in your business? What do you need to do to get your point across today?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Content
    If your website content hasn’t been updated since the pandemic outbreak, you are making a clear statement to your prospects that you don’t care enough to update your own content much less make sure they will be safe in their own homes.
  • Blogging
    If you don’t have a blog now is a great time to get started! Now more then ever people are turning to the web to get the information they need to make informed decisions about their homes and families.
  • Video
    If you look around, you can see a lot of crappy videos taking place. People who used to sit in front of $100k 4KHD cameras in a studio are now using their laptops and a makeshift section of their home or apartment as their “broadcast studio.” Now is the time to jump into video. You being you on video beats you being you 100 times over with text. So start using video.

Everyone feels like they know how to talk to prospects, and most feel relatively sure that their communication skills are better than most. Here’s the thing, we can all learn something new, especially now.

Darren Slaughter is the founder and president of, a digital agency focusing on website design, social media management, and content creation for home improvement contractors.