Marketing a Construction Business—The Ante

With so many options available, construction marketing can be challenging when deciding where to focus your resources. Digital marketing is the ante, but traditional channels have their value as well. In fact, for some, a solid Yellow Pages campaign still equals a solid construction marketing foundation…believe it or not.

But before you rush out to buy a double-truck or spend ten grand on PPC, an evaluation of your company’s specific objectives and opportunities will help you determine what will work best for when considering the following tools many contractors use to build their businesses.

Let’s Start Off With Traditional

Traditional marketing tools include those that you have probably concentrated on for most of the time that you have been in business. Print advertising, personal contacts and ensuring the visibility of your brand all fall into this category. It also includes the priceless value of networking and referrals.

Direct Mail

You may have read that direct mail is dead, but it is not. You need to target it more carefully and design it more effectively, but direct mail continues to be an effective tool. While looking into new marketing tools and modern brand building, don’t automatically dismiss this tried and true form of traditional advertising.

Signage and Printed Materials

The value of a captivating logo and company message that is consistent throughout your signage, printed materials, and other company related items should not be underestimated. It may seem like a large expense to have these items customized and professionally designed, but it will return to you in a strong brand that encourages loyalty and builds a strong reputation. If you don’t already have a professionally designed logo, tag line, and color scheme, consider working with a marketing expert to give your company a competitive edge.


Developing relationships with people in your community is essential to marketing your company. When people know and trust you, they’ll be likely to call you when they need a contractor and suggest your name when friends need one. Networking can provide substantial business that you would not have earned through any form of advertising, so get involved in your community. Join the Chamber of Commerce, volunteer for projects, and sponsor events and your company name will be known and respected in the community.


Your online presence is an essential part of your marketing plan in today’s economy. If you have been neglecting this part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to make a change. When consumers need a local service provider, 85% of them go to their internet search engine rather than the yellow pages or the newspaper. Depending upon traditional marketing will keep your business from reaching its full potential.


Your professionally designed contractor website is the hub of your digital marketing plan. All other online activity will point back to your website as the source of comprehensive information and communication with you. At minimum, your website should include: gallery, contact form, location and contact information, and testimonials. This is the one channel online where you have complete control of your message, so establish your expertise and display your best work.

Social Media

Company profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are ideal channels for connecting with potential customers who you may not encounter in any other way. Careful management of your profiles is necessary to create a strong relationship with clients, but this pays off in the loyalty it builds and recommendations you will gain. Every time one of your pictures or articles is shared, it serves as a word of mouth recommendation.


If you’re disappointed in your web traffic, a blog is the most effective way to draw people in. A blog is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. It establishes you as an expert in your field and gives people a reason to frequently return to your website. Even better, they will share your most interesting and informative articles with their friends through social media.

You need both.

When marketing a construction business, the reality is that you need both traditional and digital marketing tools included in your overall strategy. In reaching your business objectives and strengthening your brand, a solid message is required across all channels. A professional construction marketing services firm can help you manage each of these platforms for maximum effect, allowing your business to grow and succeed.

Darren Slaughter is the founder and president of, a digital agency focusing on website design, social media management, and content creation for home improvement contractors.