Master of Jurisprudence Gives Legal Edge to Professionals

Individuals with an understanding of the law maintain a distinct advantage over peers. In every field, legal issues surface regularly: healthcare, business, etc. A master of jurisprudence (MJ) degree at Drake Law School offers the foundation of legal knowledge needed in many careers.

The 24-credit program at Drake Law School provides non-lawyers with a competitive edge in career and advancement opportunities. The degree can be earned in as little as one year or students can take classes on a part-time basis while maintaining full-time employment.

The MJ in Individualized Legal Studies allows each student to tailor his or her program to fit individual career goals. After an introductory law course, MJ students attend classes alongside law students and may also take related courses through Drake’s other colleges and schools.

Candidates also have the option of designing a unique curriculum to fit individualized professional ambitions. Candidates may also choose a pre-set concentration such as Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Counseling and the Law, Human Rights and Global Citizenship, Legislative Practice and Government Relations, or Sustainable Development. A separate MJ program in Intellectual Property Law is also available.

After seventeen years in a leadership position at The Weitz Company, MJ candidate Bryan Myers realized he wanted something more to reach his career goals. With a lot of options out there, Myers considered various programs and recognized that legal knowledge would give him the best professional edge.

“The law has always been intriguing to me, but because of my full-time work, a Juris Doctor (JD) was just not possible,” says Myers. “As vice president of estimating and construction at The Weitz Company, I run into many legal issues all the time: subcontractors, owners, arbitration, etc. Because of that, this program is a natural fit for me.”

And it wasn’t just the degree that confirmed he was following the best path.

“From the very beginning of the process, the administration did everything possible to help me create the emphasis I was looking for—from choosing classes, to helping to schedule time appropriately,” says Myers. “I want to excel as a student and as an employee, so it was important that I was taking exactly what I needed and not spending time on courses I did not.”

One of the big draws for Myers was the focused, individualized approach to his degree. Candidates for the MJ degree can chart their own path, taking specific courses that pertain to their field.

“This program is the perfect balance of professional preparation and genuine care/concern from the faculty, staff, and administration. It is not only a benefit to me personally, it is a benefit to the company I work for.”

With recent Des Moines’ rankings (#1 Best City for Young Professionals, #1 Best Place for Business and Careers—Forbes), what better place to enhance a professional portfolio than with an MJ degree?

For more information on Drake Law School’s MJ Degree, visit the MJ Degree Program website or contact Kara Blanchard, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at (515) 271-2782 or