Morning Habits to Recharge You And Your Business

Earlier this month, I was reading an article about nine daily routines that will help supercharge your metabolism. Some of them include a quick ten-minute workout in the morning and plenty of water. Just like a metabolism, our businesses can get dull and in desperate need of H2O to recharge and become more profitable.

Recharging begins from the very moment you wake up. I can’t think of many things more exciting than owning a specialty retail business, so I’m eager to face the new day—usually!

For some, though, it’s tempting to hit the snooze button. Don’t. It just leaves your body feeling tired and groggy. It can also cause stress if you snooze too much and eventually run late. Rushing around also leads to forgetfulness, and makes for a lousy start to the day.

Tackle the new day so it doesn’t tackle you.

It’s a fact that the most successful people are list makers. Write out the day’s priority list every morning, and next to each goal write a timely deadline. Creating a checklist will ensure that you’re focused, manage your time efficiently and get things accomplished.

I like to add a couple personal goals to the mix of professional goals too, so I maintain a solid work/home balance and not burn myself out. Check your progress constantly and note what needs to be improved. There is always room for improvement.

If you don’t organize your workspace at the end of each day, take five minutes at the start of the day to get things in order. Study after study shows people who work in an organized spaces outperform those in cluttered ones throughout the day. Your business is already hectic enough, there is no need to add clutter to your day.

Get daily feedback. I can’t stress this point enough. Whether it’s from you, your employees or your customers, feedback is essential to keep your company growing and moving forward.

Be sure to constantly ask questions to figure out what you can be doing to add value, improve the unique experience you provide to your customers and increase your efficiency. All of those things increase top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability. As a bonus, asking questions will help employees stay engaged and involved in the company’s evolution.

Just as you need to wind down for the night, properly winding up each morning is essential for growth and success in your business.

Kelly Sharp is the owner of the Heart of Iowa Market Place. She can be reached at or 515-274-IOWA.