Use This Time to Build Better Systems

Plenty has changed, and it doesn’t look like it is getting better any time soon.

The news is…well, interesting to say the least, downright scary to many. We can’t predict what’s coming next in this case. Live events are canceled everywhere. Lots of businesses are closing and laying off. Everything is in flux.

So what do we all do?

You started your business to satisfy the needs of others

That hasn’t changed and it won’t. Your business is about getting those needs fulfilled. If I buy a deck from you, it’s because I’m trying to improve my current state. If you pay me to fix up your website, you need that from me. See how that hasn’t changed? Many people just learned what they sell isn’t as necessary as they thought.

Marketing is about helping a business gather even more people who have a similar need. The company needs a marketer if they need more buyers. One way marketers can help (or you) is to build faster (and new) systems.

Small businesses all over just suddenly found themselves needing a remote ordering process. They need new copy for their websites. They need to dust off their unused email marketing platforms.

Build Better Systems

Build systems for a world that won’t be getting very close for a while. If you sell something that requires one to be in person, seek any potential alternative delivery methods, or look for extra business you can sell to the people you’ve already served.

Look for ways to make what you sell even more explicit and straightforward. You might even have the same offerings on a new page on your site.

The Quickest Path to Failure

If you are in the “I’ll just wait for this to blow over” camp, stop. This isn’t a “do nothing” time in history. This one requires you to make some upgrades and changes to what you’re doing. All of us.

You do have to go and work on your business. Action must be taken. This is not an “interesting” note from Darren. It’s also not a panic. It’s just a detail. You need to build some different systems that are in place right now as so far, this particular worldwide event has caused a massive shift in the world economy and that will ripple hard through everything in business.

Darren Slaughter is the founder and president of, a digital agency focusing on website design, social media management, and content creation for home improvement contractors.